Amy Adams accepts the Cinema Vanguard Award

Written in early February 2013 for the San Marcos King's Page.


A Fond Farewell

My Dearest Dublin, For the past four months, we have become acquainted in a way that no simple one week tourist could ever hope to match. We have seen each other at moments exhibiting some of our best and not so best qualities. It is thus with a heavy heart that I must bid you... Continue Reading →

Week 10: The Waterways of Dublin

The cool breeze in the morning, the simplicity of nature, the simple ebb and flow of the water, there is always something renewing about a waterway in the city. Think of it this way: before we had roads, before we learned to build engines for cars or to domesticate horses, humans learned to put together... Continue Reading →

Week 9: Easter 2016

One hundred years ago, a group of men decided that they would take matters into their own hands and ensure that the people of Ireland would know that they deserved to strike against their oppressors, that they were not a lesser people simply because they lived in a different place. The leaders of this revolution... Continue Reading →

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